Gramm GES Electroforming System

Esthetics and biocompatibility

Esthetics and biocompatibility are two expressions that often have been overstressed in dentistry. However, these expressions perfectly apply to the electroforming technique which often results in the rating “bioesthetics” for electroforming products. This does not only apply to fixed dental restorations but also to combined fixed-removable restorations on natural teeth and/or implants. Electroforming bars or telescopic crowns are ideal partners for primary parts out of zirconia, titanium or CoCr-based alloys.

The table-top units GAMMAT® easy and GAMMAT® optimo2 allow the use for the complete range of electroforming indications out of 24K gold. But a technically mature system means more than just an electroforming unit: The certified gold solution ECOLYT is the cornerstone of the GES Electroforming System and the GHP hard gold plating technique; it is free from arsenic or other harmful substances and, of course, it passed the cytotoxicity test.